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    Wood Preservation


    In Glovelier, Ets Röthlisberger SA has several impregnation plants for protecting the timber from being attacked by fungi and wood pests, and which are adapted to each type of risk.

    Vacuum and pressure autoclave impregnation, also named wood preservation or timber treatment, endows timber with the property it lacks for uses in the open air: longevity, the promise of durability. This makes it suitable for many applications: garden furniture, playground equipment, anti-noise partitions, bridges, etc. Mastery of these autoclave impregnation techniques requires considerable investments, security and environment however being the two key words.

    Treatment with creosote, an organic product derived from coal is applied especially to railway sleepers, whereas impregnation with inorganic salts is more especially applied to resinous softwoods used for outdoor construction work. 

    Timber preservation techniques involving dipping and autoclave impregnation with salts are also offered as services to our customers.








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