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    HEat Treatment


    The company Ets Röthlisberger SA install in 2006 in Glovelier a heat treatment plant. Here are specific properties of wood amended without addition of any chemicals product or gaz. The process is an hydrolisis in a closed vessel (autoclave), therefore with good controllability and repeatability. Compared with heat-treatments using inert gas (pyrolysis), we achieve same results and colours are with 30 -50°C less and without anhydrous transition, with brings high stresses to treated timber . We offer two variations:

    1. Our THERMO-treatment (also known as thermal or heat treatment) expose Hard- or Softwood to high temperatures (150 bis 200°C) for a definite duration and process, in order to increase durability and dimensional stability.
    2. Our VAPO-treatment also occurs in a satured steam, but with lower temperatures. This corresponds to a high pressure steaming (HPS) and insure the perpetuation of structural properties of timber. It gives to the wood a very nice, rustical and antique appearance.

    These are very ecological processes: they don't use any treatment product and allow new valorisations for our local wood species.  




    Main advantages

    Thermowood has stabile dimensions: the humidity of timber is consequently reduced, and also the possible water absorbtion. Schrinkage and swelling are decreased up to 60% 

    Thermowood is durable: the heat treatment achieve a degradation of the hemicellulose. So becomes the timber much less attractive for wood destructing micro-organisms, fungi and insects, and therefore much more durable. Heat treated timber can be used for outside uses, but without ground contact.  

    Thermowood is noble: The heat treatment confere our home-grown wood species noble and precious character. New exotic wood tones are given through all the timber thickness of hardwoods, and softwoods becomes darker, similar to reclaimed wood.



    • Wellness- and wet areas, swimming pools and saunas
    • Outdoor flooring
    • Windows, shuters and outer doors
    • Claddings and clapboards
    • Garden furniture, Carports
    • Playground equipments
    • Boot building,
    • ..and the new "Swiss Wood" pencils by Caran d'Ache !