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    Track sleepers


    Preservation of timber is for a long time the central activity in Glovelier. The company is the unique  producer for timber railway sleepers in Switzerland. Ets Röthlisberger SA is a confidence partner of Swiss Federal railways and other private companies.

    We use exclusively hardwoods (beech and oak) for the production of our timber sleepers. The logs issue from our region, and we support the sustainable management of our forests.

    Various dimensions are available :

    • Cross sections according UIC-norms
    • Lengths for normal-gauge (2.40 m to 2.60 m) or narrow-gauge tracks (1.80 à 2.00 m)



    In order to insure a long service life, the timber sleepers are dried, and than impregnated with creosote (1st quality, WEI-Type C).



    Ets Röthlisberger SA

    Industrie du bois
    Rue de la Gare 28
    CH-2855 Glovelier

    Tél. +41 32 427 04 04
    Fax. +41 32 427 67 07 

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