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    We also have extensive drying facilities in various drying systems
        •    conventional kilns (fresh air - exhaust air)

        •    condensation kilns (with heat pump)

        •    vacuum kilns

    With this last technology of vacuum drying, we achieve a very fast, quality drying. The partial vacuum allows a significant reduction of the boiling temperature of water (50-60° and not 100°C). We can than heat the wood just over this boiling-point. Instead of drying by the slow convection of the moisture toward the surface of the wood, the humidity is lowered three to four times faster by evaporation. We mostly apply this costlier technology to deliver in due time hardwood timber in important thicknesses.

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    A+C Corbat SA

    Industrie du bois
    Rte de Bonfol 13
    CH-2943 Vendlincourt

    Tél. +41 32 474 04 04
    Fax. +41 32 474 04 00

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